Meet The Founder

Tiffiney S. Birdsong is the founder of Fearless Ladies, LLC. Fearless Ladies, founded in 2014, was birth from a passion to inspire and empower ladies to overcome their fears, build their self-confidence and embrace their uniqueness. Tiffiney is a motivational speaker, mentor, and life/relationship coach. She has hosted and spoken at conferences and workshops around the world empowering ladies to overcome their fear by facing it.

Tiffiney is married to John Birdsong, Jr., and together they have four beautiful children, Taveon Glenn, Airelle Myles, John Birdsong III and James Birdsong, and three grandchildren. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Christian education at International Apostolic University of Grace & Truth and has a certification as a life/relationship coach.

Tiffiney started a mentorship program called Young Fearless Ladies in 2017. This program is designed to inspire confidence in young ladies and give them a sense of civility. In addition, the program focuses on setting goals for the future and building strong, bold, and brave leaders in this millennium. This program has been a blessing to many young ladies in the community. Tiffiney actively and passionately pours into the lives of ladies. By helping them overcome fear, they develop the skills and confidence to know they can do anything as they pursue their goals and dreams…Bold, Brave and Fearlessly.

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